The best way for beginners to earn money online while walking.($100/day+)


generating money online has grown in popularity in the current digital era, and for those who wish to combine earning money with exercise, there is a special opportunity: generating money while walking. This essay will examine several strategies that newcomers might use to generate $100 or more daily through online businesses, including the possibility of cloud mining.

Cloud Mining:

An advantageous choice for those who are interested in cryptocurrencies is cloud mining. To mine cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin, it entails renting processing capacity from distant data centres. Beginners can engage in mining using this method without expensive hardware or technical knowledge. You can engage in mining activities and generate passive money while strolling or going about your everyday business by connecting to a cloud mining service provider.

IDMining stands out as one of the greatest cloud mining websites among the many that are accessible.

One of the first businesses that offer cloud mining services is IDMining. They have five mining farms throughout the world with members in more than 200 countries/regions after years of development, and we are trusted by more than490,000 users worldwide.

In order to mine in the cloud, IDMining uses sustainable energy sources like solar and wind energy, which significantly lowers the cost of mining and incorporates the leftover electricity into the grid. This implies that you can obtain significant mining power without purchasing expensive hardware or putting up with heat and noise at home. Your PC or mobile device is all you need to sign a mining contract and receive payment.


  • Sign up to get $5
  • Automated daily payouts
  • No overhead or electricity fees
  • An affiliate program with 3% lifetime rewards
  • Different crypto contracts to choose from
  • 24-hour online support
  • Eco-friendly mining


Contract PriceContract TermsFixed Return
$2001 Day$200+$5
$3503 Days$350+$29.4
$8607 Days$800+$171.58
$1,60015 Days$1,600+$720
$6,40030 Days$6,400+$5,952
$9,60040 Days$9,600+$13,056

Minimum investment amount: $200

Walking and Fitness Apps:

The use of walking and fitness applications is a well-liked method of making money while walking. These apps monitor your activity and compensate you with virtual money or actual rewards. For instance, some applications let you earn points that may be exchanged for cash, gift cards, deals, or discounts. You can earn incentives and increase your physical fitness by simply strolling.

Affiliate Marketing through Social Media:

The way we communicate and share information has changed as a result of social media platforms. For those just starting out, monetizing your walking habit with affiliate marketing on sites like Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok can be a great idea. You can make money by working with companies to promote their goods or services through your content, and you can get paid for each sale made through your special affiliate links.

Online Surveys and Microtasks:

Walking can be a great way to earn money by taking online surveys and microtasks. Many websites and applications provide mobile-friendly paid surveys and minor activities. Data input, transcription, and offering product and service feedback are a few examples of these duties. Even if the pay per assignment could be modest, the daily total earned by finishing several projects might easily reach $100 or more.

Work as an Insurance POSP

Getting a job as a POSP (Point of Salesperson) is a great method to make money online. This particular type of insurance agent offers insurance plans and interacts with insurance providers. The task can be completed online from home with just a smartphone and a strong internet connection.

You must be above 18 years old, have completed Class 10, and then successfully complete a 15-hour IRDAI-mandated training programme in order to become an insurance POSP. The more insurance policies you sell, the more money you can make because your revenue will be based on commission. You can learn more about the procedures, specifications, and rules for turning into a POSP agent here.

Mystery Shopper

With the anonymity provided by mystery shopping tasks, it is simple to travel and visit locations without being recognised or having your identity disclosed.

Mystery shoppers are the kind of individuals who are compensated for providing feedback on how companies are performing. There are three various ways to go about doing this: one can go to a store and give reviews, go to a restaurant and give candid opinion about the cuisine, or go to any clothing store, etc.

The mystery shopper will give an honest evaluation of the establishment and the services it offers to its clients based on what they observe and experience while visiting each location. You can try your hand at it because it’s a simple yet fascinating profession.

Share your stories to earn revenue

Both the markets and the opportunities are still expanding. There are numerous methods to profit from your writing. You may even try selling them in newspapers or placing the finished products on blogs as advertisements to make some additional money!

Try obtaining work with regional papers or magazines if you’re seeking for a means to break into writing. You may also start a blog and share your work there, or you can use it to make films that you can upload to your social media channels.

The top floor always has space available! It might not seem as respectable, but this could be one of many doors that open after writing something fantastic online. So make sure your storytelling abilities are on spot.

Become an Instagram influencer

Simply think of the things you enjoy, such as food, travel, fashion, or anything else, and build your own social network account. You can pick anybody you want, whether you’re a fashionista or a travel fanatic!

Although there isn’t a lot of information in the material, every post should somehow relate to you so that your followers feel a sense of connection and desire to see more of the content you share. Your account will earn more money the more followers you have.

Influencers on Instagram are currently making a lot of money from adverts and page views on their websites. However, you must bear in mind that the material or video you post must be enjoyable, practical, and interesting in order to help you gain


For novices, walking while earning money online offers a great way to combine revenue generating and exercise.The aforementioned techniques can help you reach your objective of making $100 or more per day. To succeed in any online enterprise, keep in mind that consistency and effort are essential. So put on your walking shoes, begin investigating these options, and move towards financial independence while taking advantage of walking’s health benefits.

How can I make $100 a day online?

Tutor students in online classes.
-Become a virtual assistant.
-Affiliate marketing.
-Sponsored posts on your website or blog.
-Freelance data entry or graphic design

How do beginners make money online?

The best ways to make money online for beginners include freelance writing, testing websites, completing surveys, tutoring, and more. Be sure to check the full list on for more ideas

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