Best Crypto Exchange in UAE and Dubai ( 2023)

This article aids users in locating the top cryptocurrency exchange in the UAE for trading and investing in virtual currencies. Trading systems for cryptocurrencies sometimes lack security, transparency, and liquidity.

Furthermore, it can be difficult to select the best alternative for a particular necessity given the growing number of trustworthy and sham exchanges in the United Arab Emirates.

Investors must be wary of dishonest (scam) providers and comprehend the distinctive characteristics of platforms in order to choose the best service, keeping in mind that they are not covered in the event of the bankruptcy of the exchange.

We have analysed and compared crucial data to select the best cryptocurrency exchange in the United Arab Emirates in order to assist investors in making an informed decision while taking into account various investment goals.

This guide assesses, contrasts, and reviews 174 exchanges offered in the UAE.aid people in locating the best platform for their requirements. Below is a list of the top-rated exchanges in the UAE, followed by in-depth reviews, analyses, and frequently asked questions.

Top 5 Crypto Exchanges In UAE

  1. eToro – Best Beginners Exchange in UAE
  2. OKX – Highest Liquidity Exchange
  3. Binance – Best Availability of Coins Crypto Exchange
  4. Huobi – Most Secure Exchange
  5. ByBit – Best Crypto Trading Platform Exchange

The best cryptocurrency exchanges in UAE and Dubai are reviewed below including a list of key features.

eToro – Best Beginners Crypto Exchange

The finest cryptocurrency exchange in the UAE for novices is eToro. On all cryptocurrency orders, they charge just 1% in trading costs. A wide range of trading tools are available for beginners on the eToro trading platform. It works on a variety of platforms, including the web and mobile apps, and it supports 27 cryptocurrencies.

The user-friendly eToro trading platform is made possible by its intuitive design, straightforward order types, and selection of educational resources. It is renowned for its social copy trading function, which enables users to emulate the trading strategies of more seasoned players.

In the world, eToro has 25 million members, making it a reliable exchange. The fact that it is controlled by four tier-one agencies, including the SEC, FCA, CySEC, and ASIC, is another factor contributing to its safety.

eToro offers phone, email, and live chat service around-the-clock live chat.

Key features

  • Integrated e-wallet (Hot wallet)
  • Excellent copy and social trading features (Copy Trader, CopyPortfolio)
  • Easy buy and sell options
  • Free Demo account with $100,000 in virtual money
  • Low minimum deposit ($200)
  • Average trading fees (0% Commission, 0,75% spread)

OKX – Best Low Fees Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

The largest derivatives exchange in the world (based on trading volume and users) was founded in 2014 and is called OKX. Its liquidity is robust with an average daily spot trading volume of $1,789,789,248. They provide access to a range of cryptocurrency products, such as trading in spot, futures, options, and derivatives. A built-in NFT Marketplace on their trading platform gives users access to the largest names in the industry, including ENS, Otherdeed for Otherside, and CryptoPunks. Low trading fees start at 0.1% (taker fee) and 0.08% (maker fee) on OKX. One of the most affordable cryptocurrency exchanges in the UAE.

The three versions of the OKX cryptocurrency trading platform are as follows:

Simple Trading Platform: Is better suited for beginners and provides straightforward and easy buy, sell, and conversion choices.
Active Trading Platform: Provides access to sophisticated trading features (market limit and stop orders, conditional orders, and customizable market charts), as well as sophisticated trading techniques (margin trading, automated trading, and bot trading).
Mirrors the trading experience of the desktop version in the OKX cryptocurrency app.
365 crypto assets and 675 crypto pairs are among the marketplaces that are accessible through OKX. Leverage for trading cryptocurrency can reach a maximum of 10:1. The trade execution on OKX is dependable, scoring 500 on the slippage scale.

Key features

  • 600+ available digital assets
  • Low trading fees (0.08-0.10% maker/taker fee)
  • Deep liquidity levels ($1,789,789,248/day)
  • Passive income options (staking, and liquidity farming, high yield crypto saving)
  • Integrated NFT trading platform
  • Beginner to advanced trading features
  • Proof of Reserves (1:1)

Binance – Best For Availability of Assets

The largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world is Binance, with a $22,371,084,011 (BTC) daily trading volume. Over 600 different cryptocurrency instruments are available to users, including spot, futures, options, derivatives, and NFTs. Numerous fiat currencies, including EUR, USD, GBP, AUD, HKD, and INR, are supported by their platform. Deep liquidity on the platform guarantees swift and dependable trade execution.

Web, desktop, and smartphone apps are all accessible for the Binance trading platform. It provides a range of order types, including trailing, stop, limit, and stop-limit market orders. Users get access to moving averages, margin trading, and real-time charting, among other advanced and novice trading tools.

Visa Debit Card, a free cryptocurrency card, is available through Binance.

Trading commissions on Binance range from 0.08 to 0.10% maker/taker. Holding BNB coins or enrolling in the Binance VIP Programme can further cut trading costs. There are no expenses associated with trading bitcoin, including neither maker nor taker fees. Due to the lack of deposit or withdrawal fees, Binance has some of the lowest trading expenses in the market.

Binance Earn program offers access to passive earning including:

  • Crypto staking
  • Liquidity farming
  • Crypto mining
  • High-yield crypto savings accounts
  • Automated market makers (AMMs)

Key features

  • Great availability of assets (1629 tradable cryptos)
  • Deep liquidity ($22,371,084,011 /Day)
  • Competitive trading fees (0.08-0.10% maker/taker fee)
  • Multiple passive income options (staking, savings, and liquidity farming)
  • Integrated NFT trading platform (Anatomy Ape, Crypto Punks, Opensea)
  • Intuitive mobile trading app (iOS and Android)
  • Access to a Visa Crypto Debit Card
  • Proof of reserves (1:1)

Huobi – Best Trading Platform for Safety and Security

Global cryptocurrency exchange Huobi is situated in the Seychelles. High security requirements are met by them, including multi-signature cold storage (98% of client assets), a security reserve fund with a total value of 20,000 bitcoins, two-factor authentication (2FA), and anti-phishing code confirmation. 446 coins are accessible through Huobi. They also provide more cryptocurrency products such futures, options, derivatives loans, and yield goods.

Compared to other exchanges on our list, Huobi scores favourably for security and safety

On the cryptocurrency trading platform of Huobi, charting tools such market charts, order book, and chart index are provided. Customers can employ market, limit, and stop limit orders, among other order types. Automated trading, margin trading, and bot installation are the trading strategies that are available to users. Web and mobile users can access the platform.

Key features

  • High standard security features (fingerprint Touch ID login, two-factor authentication, 20K BTC security reserve fund)
  • Access to 446 different cryptos
  • Up to 50% APY with Huboi Earn (staking, lending, yield farming, DeFi mining, and the Polkadot Slot Auction)
  • 200:1 maximum leverage
  • Casual to advanced trading features
  • Proof Of Reserver (1:1)

ByBit – Best Mobile Crypto Trading Platform in UAE

A cryptocurrency derivatives exchange called ByBit is situated in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. They accept over 400 cryptographic coins. Other cryptocurrency markets, like as spot, options, futures, margin, P2P, and NFTs, are also accessible to users. The trading pairs BTC/USDT, BTC/USD, and XRP/USD are all available on ByBit.

Different order types, including market, limit, stop loss, conditional orders, and quick buy options are supported by the ByBit trading platform. The platform is accessible via a web browser and mobile apps for iOS and Android. Users have access to automated trading (via bot integration) and copy trading. On the platform, trade execution happens quickly with 100,000 transactions per second.

ByBit are listed below:

  • Crypto staking
  • Liquidity mining
  • Dual asset farming
  • DeFi mining

Bybit charges 0.01%/0.06% maker/taker fee. They additionaly charge a 0.06% net platform trading fee and 0.02% funding fee.

Key features

  • Over 30 different payment methods accepted
  • Excellent customer support
  • Up to 1:100 maximum leverage
  • Low trading fees
  • Access to NFTs, ICOs
  • Proof of Reserves (1:1)

How To Choose The Ideal Cryptocurrency Exchange in UAE?

Below is a list of the top cryptocurrency trading platforms in the UAE.

Reputation. Selecting a trustworthy exchange improves traders’ safety and assists in preventing fraud. The following factors need to be taken into account when evaluating an exchange’s reputation: legal compliance (licences), security, user count, favourable user feedback, and history of non-hacking.

Transparent Reserves Proof. Transparent confirmation of reserves lowers the danger of loss from fraudulent or insolvent transactions. Exchanges with clear reserve proof are to be favoured. 1:1 is the most typical example of reserve ratio evidence.
Liquidity. Exchanges with more liquidity ought to be chosen.

The likelihood of profitable trading is increased by their quicker trade execution, higher market depth, and more favourable pricing.

Fees. costs for trading (maker/taker costs, flat fees, and volume-based fees) and non-trading transactions (deposit & withdrawal fees, conversion fees) need to be taken into account. Exchanges having a flat charge structure should be chosen over others.
Bitcoin trading tools. Exchanges having a greater selection of cryptocurrency trading instruments ought to be chosen.

The following tools should be taken into consideration: trading in spot, margin, futures, options, swaps, and CFDs on cryptocurrencies
Variety of cryptographic goods. Exchanges with a greater selection of cryptocurrency products ought to be chosen.

These boost flexibility, diversification, and overall profit opportunities. Cryptocurrencies, NFTs, ICOs, ETFs, derivatives, DeFi products, and staking (loan) goods are the most popular products.
The top exchanges in the United Arab Emirates to purchase cryptocurrency are eToro, OKX,Binance, Huobi and Bybit.

The Top Choices Compared

Key features of the top rated exchanges for UAE traders and investors are compared in the table below.

Fees (Maker/Taker)1%/1%0.10%/0.02%0.08% /0.1%0.04%/0.05%0.1% /0.1%
Liquidity/Spot Volume (BTC)$2,739,612$89,000$806,899,070$36,500$53,964,331
Number Of Cryptocurrencies30+400+600+400+100+
Different Crypto MarketsSpot tradingSpot, derivatives,
options & futures,
perpetuals & swaps, NFTs
Spot, derivatives,
options & futures,
perpetuals & swaps, NFTs, P2P
Spot, derivatives,
options & futures,
perpetuals & swaps, NFTs, P2P
Spot trading, perpetuals & futures
Other Crypto ProductsMargin tradingStaking, Margin trading, Liquidity Mining, Bot trading, Automated trading, NFTsStaking, Margin trading, Liquidity Mining, Saving, NFTsStaking, Margin trading, Liquidity Mining, NFTsStaking, Cloud mining
Proof of ReservesN/A1:11:11:11:1
Trading PlatformsWeb and Mobile AppMobile appWeb and Mobile appWeb and Mobile appWeb and Mobile app
Customer SupportEmail, phone, live chatEmail, phone, live chatEmail, phone, live chatEmail, phone, live chatEmail, phone, live chat

Tips For Beginners

Start purchasing stable coins.

The cryptocurrency market is very unpredictable, and a few missteps might ruin your finances. Make careful to begin trading using alternative currency (such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple), which have shown to be more reliable and forgiving to novice traders’ errors.

Start with a Free Demo Account.

Start off with a trading platform that provides a no-risk practise account. This enables you to test your trading strategy without having to use real money while getting a feel for the platform and the trading dashboard.

Utilise copy trading

Your financial success depends on selecting the appropriate cryptocurrency and trades. Instead of picking experienced investors based on their prior performance, copy trading allows you to duplicate their portfolios and trades.


Trading cryptocurrencies is a great way to increase wealth and generate income. However, given the increasing number of exchanges in the UAE, prospective traders must collect, contrast, and assess crucial information in order to select the best service for their requirements.

The services of various exchanges have been compared, evaluated, and reviewed in this guide in an effort to keep our readers informed and protected. To assist people in making an informed choice, we have previously removed scammers and unreliable services without security features. The table below summarises our investigation’ findings regarding the top cryptocurrency exchanges in the United Arab Emirates.

ExchangeOverall ScoreBest ForFees (Maker/Taker)Spot Volume (BTC)
#1eToro4.9Best overall exchange1%/1%$2,739,612
#2OKX4.8Best for Low Fees0.10%/0.02%$89,000
#3Huobi4.8Best for security0.04%/0.05%$36,500
#4Binance4.7Best for available assets0.08% /0.1%$806,899,070
#5ByBit4.6Best for mobile0.1% /0.1%$53,964,331

Keep in mind to do your own research and to consider your preferences before making a final decision.


What Is A Centralized Cryptocurrency Exchange? 

Centralized exchanges are run by private companies and require users to register based on the KYC (Know Your Client) rules.

What Is A Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange?

Decentralized exchange does not have a central point of control and are not obliged to follow rules of regulatory bodies.

Is Cryptocurrency Trading in Compliance to the Sharia Law?

Trading cryptos is “halal” and in compliance with the sharia law if the underlaying tokes is halal.

Which Is The Lowest Fees Crypto Platform in UAE?

The platform with the lowest fees in UAE is OKX

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